How to choose a specialty?

Which specialty should I choose?

One of the questions we most often ask is, “Which specialty should I choose?”.

The answer can be very difficult, but also obvious. In such cases, teachers advise the candidate to try to look into the future and imagine the professional realization that would satisfy him: whether his working daytime will be solitary in front of the computer or will be associated with a lot of dynamics, encounters with people, quick decisions and etc.

It is no secret that in recent years almost every second candidate has chosen a business management specialty – from pure economics to business science and business management.


Image of consultingHowever, if you have the necessary skills and preparation, you can be different and choose, for example, Sport management or Events Management.Undoubtedly, sports management is suitable for active athletes, people who have felt the thrill of the sporting race and the sweetness of victory or the disappointment of the loss. Events Management requires organizing, sociability, communicativeness, quick response, wits and many other qualities. More and more business faculties have recently offered the Entrepreneurship, which is a variety of business management, but with a certain practical focus. The aim of the program is to give students not only business knowledge but also to stimulate their pre-industrial spirit by developing real business ideas and projects. Graduates of this specialty will have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully create and develop their own company.

Computer related specialties

Secondly, the popularity among applicants is the specialty of computers and information technology. Here the choice covers a very wide range of subjects – from more general Computer Science to more specific Computer Networks, Web Design and 3DAnimation. Perhaps you dream of one day participating in the development of a new generation of computer systems that use intelligent behavior to solve complex problems? Then Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence is your logical choice. However, if you, along with computers, have a genuine interest in biology, you can be different by choosing Bioinformatics – a discipline that plays a crucial role in the development of modern Genetics.


With good math, physics and biology training, and interest in programming and engineering, the different choices Image of technoogycan direct you to specialties such as Cybernetics, Robotics. If the right sciences are your passion, you can choose a fast-growing interdisciplinary specialty: Nanoscience, which combines knowledge from the fields of physics, biology, chemistry and material science. As a nanotechnology specialist, you will be able to participate in the development of products that are still in the realm of fiction, a garment that changes its heat-sealing qualities depending on time changes or a video-pill, whereby the physician can painlessly examine the patient’s organs.

Environment-related specialties

In the 21st century, when the main problems of mankind are related to the protection of environment and natural resources, Environmental Science is particularly relevant. It is suitable for anyone who is worried about global warming, climate change, the conservation of the diversity of animal and plant species on the planet. A similar specialty, but with a focus on the engineering aspect of rational use of energy sources, is Sustainable Energy Engineering.


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Whether you choose what is “modern” and “up-to-date”, or you will trust your talents and sincere interest in a discipline, you decide. In any case, before you make your final choices, inform yourself in detail of the program and career opportunities, not forgetting the benefits of being different. The only thing that is 100% sure if you decide to study abroad is the successful taking of the TOEFL test.

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