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What is TOEFL?

TOEFL ® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most widely recognized test in the world. The results are valid for more than 8500 colleges, universities and institutions in more than 130 countries.

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Image of ideaThrough TOEFL, an assessment is made of your academic skills. The exam results serve as evidence that you have the necessary English competence that you will need to study at a university.

The exam includes the task of reading a short test, listening to a part of a lecture, as well as an oral or written answer to a given question – skills you should have in order to be complete during your studies at the university. Since the exam consists entirely of questions and tasks from the academic sphere, many universities consider it most suitable for admission.

Preparation for TOEFL. The exam has a specific format that must be known and exercised to achieve a high score.

With TOEFL are estimate:

  1. Candidate’s academic abilities.

The TOEFL test helps you prove that you have the English language skills you will actually use in the academic classroom. In the test, you will read real learning texts from various disciplines (biology, sociology, archeology, history, etc.), listen to lectures and speak or write in response, just as you would in the classroom.

  1. Your speaking skills and much more accurately.

Naturally, you can hold any test-interview, but its success will always depend on the subjective mood of the examiner. With the TOEFL test, the outcome will undoubtedly be more objective and reliable because responses are recorded and evaluated by three to six ETS examiners instead of one or two at the local test centers.

A result that lets you excel!

TOEFL results help you excel because of the long-standing reputation of the quality test, objective evaluation and Image of success100% academic content. TOEFL is the most widely accepted English test in the world, including 100 top universities. By sending your TOEFL score to your chosen university, you prove that you are ready for academic success.

TOEFL iBT emphasizes aggregate skills, provides information to institutions about students’ ability to communicate in an academic environment and their readiness for academic work. Using the Internet exam, ETS can test spoken and other knowledge in a standardized way. Online registration and online results make it easier for students to register for the exam and receive their results. To have best results I advise you to take a TOEFL course. Once you feel well prepared you can try to do a preliminary TOEFL IBT practice test.

Who should appear on TOEFL?

Those who do not speak English are required to take an 11th or upper-level exam to prove their level of command before starting the academic year.

The content of the exam is considered to be quite difficult for students under 11 grade.

Where can we go to take TOEFL test?

TOEFL iBT is administered by test centers authorized by ETS worldwide.

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